March 2022.

Jim Brown Poultry, a local Pofadder enterprise receiving funding from Konkoonsies Solar Power, is an invaluable asset to this small community, that is located far from more-established neighbouring towns, for the supply of fresh eggs, which are in high demand in the area.

According to Jim Brown, sole owner of Jim Brown Poultry, his vision and mission are to see his business flourish by attracting more customers and investors. “My dream is to create job opportunities for my community and motivate them by showing them that being disabled doesn’t limit your potential,” he said.

His tenacity and determination have meant that a physical disability contracted from a childhood illness has not deterred him.

“His commitment and passion for his egg business is amazing. While he does not perceive himself as disabled, he uses his abilities where he can, and he is well known and trusted in the community,” said Harrisinah Theka, Economic Development Specialist for Konkoonsies Solar Power.

Konkoonsies Solar Power began supporting Jim Brown Poultry at the end of 2021, as part of its Enterprise Development Programme, with the goal of creating more employment and generating a greater income within the operation. So far, Mr Brown has been provided with funding to purchase feed for his chickens, with plans to support him with infrastructure later this year.

“Our aim is to develop local enterprises to maintain and sustain their businesses. We envision this support for Jim Brown Poultry to do just that, as the items the business will be provided with later this year will allow the business to grow and attract new customers. There is a high demand for eggs in the area, so lack of proper equipment limits production and supply,” concluded Theka.

Furthermore, mentorship and financial support will be provided to Mr Brown by Konkoonsies Solar Power, as well as additional equipment, and more chicks.

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