April 2024.

On Friday, 5 April, the Onseepkans community gathered at Kleinbegin Kleuterskool to mark the unveiling of significant improvements at one of its three Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres. This event underscored the remarkable impact of collaboration and partnership, drawing together parents, young children, carers, Department of Basic Education representatives, and the four local solar power projects that jointly contributed to the funding of this upgrade. The enhancements promise a new chapter for the centre, providing a safer and more stimulating learning environment for the community’s children. This occasion not only celebrated the physical improvements to the facilities but also highlighted a shared commitment to nurturing the potential within every child.

Harrisinah Theka, Economic Development Specialist at Konkoonsies Solar Power, shared the plant’s commitment to supporting ECD centres for the first time, focusing on meeting and aligning with national standards to improve community services, “Kleinbegin Kleuterskool, which serves 34 children, benefited from the collective efforts of the surrounding local solar plants, including Konkoonsies Solar Power, which played a role in the refurbishment and expansion. We contributed to repairing structures, outfitting classrooms, and adding educational murals, all aimed at creating a safer and more engaging learning environment.”

Rene Rooy, a practitioner at the centre, expressed the community’s appreciation, “The upgrading including the replacement of a safer fencing as well as the renovation and addition to the playground mean a great deal to us. Their efforts resonate deeply within our hearts, and we extend our deepest appreciation for their generosity.”

This project forms part of Konkoonsies Solar Power’s broader socio-economic development programme, aimed at ensuring equitable access to quality education for children aged 3 to 6. A thorough assessment of ECD needs within a 50km radius of the plant was conducted, guiding the collaborative funding and support efforts. This initiative emphasizes the vital role of community and collaborative partnerships in fostering sustainable development and educational opportunities for the benefit of communities.

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